Birds in attic??? Worried about mites?

Asked May 16, 2017, 10:54 AM EDT

Dear "Expert", I am looking for advice on how to protect my house. I noticed birds in my attic on Saturday. I contacted a well known trapping service "Adcock's" who plans to remove the birds tomorrow. One of my neighbors recently had birds in their kitchen vent and now they have mites all over their house. I want to know how I should evaluate the mite issue after the birds are removed and construction is complete? Adcock's will spray Lysol for mites but say it depends on whether an exterminator should be called. Can you provide information on whether all birds leave mites behind? and how I should evaluate the situation? Any information you can provide is greatly appreciated.

Baltimore County Maryland

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Once birds are removed, Close all openings large enough for birds to enter attics, soffits and similar areas. Install hardware cloth, sheet metal, or other materials to prevent birds from nesting and roosting on porches, breezeways and other exterior sites.

When birds fledge mites may migrate to locate an alternative host. It is during this migration that mites can and do enter the living quarters of people. However, they do not appear to survive for more than several days or more in the reduced humidity typically found in air-conditioned or de-humidified homes.

Mites in living areas can be removed with a damp cloth (ethyl alcohol works well on non-porous surfaces) or with a vacuum cleaner. Be sure to dispose of the vacuum cleaner bag.
Take a look at the attached publication from Penn State on bird mites