shade tree suggestions

Asked May 15, 2017, 8:39 PM EDT

Have a single story rural home a few miles south of Berea and sits on just over an acre of land. Looking for suggestions on trees to provide shade. Fast growing would be nice but more interested in a tree that will live more than 10 years without issues related to insects or disease and roots that typically stay underground. Hopefully not too many restrictions. Thank you

Madison County Kentucky

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No tree is perfect, but some ideas are below. I would avoid planting any near septic lines or too close to a building. Also, this is not a complete list of trees that do well here. Be sure to research a tree you may be interested in as some may not fit well with what you want. For instance, oaks have acorns in the fall, sweet gums make a spiky ball that litter the landscape. That may not bother some homeowners, but others may have a problem with it. If you have soil compaction, some trees, such as the maples, may be more likely to have roots that run close to or above the surface of the soil.
Red Maple
Yellow wood
American Beech
Scarlett Oak
White Oak
Bur Oak
Chinkapin Oak
Northern Catalpa
Kentucky Coffeetree
Sweet gum
Tulip Poplar