Honeybee swarm

Asked May 15, 2017, 5:49 PM EDT

we have a swarm of honeybees that have taken up residence in a lilac bush in our backyard. We called a few people to remove the bees and after speaking with someone from Madisonville and being told that he is too far away to come, we wondered if there is a local contact. According to the Kentucky beekeeper's website, swarms only stay around from a few hours to a few days, so i guess time will take care of the problem, but we would like to have them gone if possible.

Henderson County Kentucky

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Yes, they typically leave after a few days but often hang around for some time also.

I do not want to post contact info publicly, but give us a call at the office; 270-826-8387, we have a couple of phone numbers we can give you.

P. Andrew Rideout