Pig Hoop House Groundwater Management

Asked May 15, 2017, 9:59 AM EDT

Hi, my name is Niki Harris and I am with California Heritage Farms in Siskiyou County. We have a pastured hog operation and are moving into an open aired hoop house system, directly on the ground (no concrete slabs), where we will house about 650 pigs in four different hoops (max carrying capacity at any given time) with access to outdoors. We will do this on two different properties that are about 3 miles apart from one another. We will use deep straw bedding and compost the manure.

Given that we are within a mile from a river I would like to write a detailed groundwater management plan to ensure that our operation will not be disturbing river habitat beyond an acceptable measure for California compliance. I have spoken with our river trust Executive Director and NCRS representative and they are supportive of the project.

I am wondering if you have any example groundwater management sample plans that you could share? Or parallel plans. Thank you!

Siskiyou County California

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We usually call them a nutrient management plan. it combines soils properties, nutrient (manure) availability and Cropping nutrient need in a managed plan. Their are service providers listed with NRCS that can help build your plan.

For example a Google search for "nutrient management plan California" will get you a list of resources that can help you get most of the way to your goal, maybe all the way.