planting rye seed

Asked May 14, 2017, 9:15 PM EDT

Greetings, In a garden plot at Willamette View, Milwaukie, Oregon I'd like to plant a small patch (4' x 8') of rye cereal grain. Where can I obtain a small amount of rye berry seed (variety?) and when should I plant? Should I plant as a winter cover crop and harvest in spring? I plan to grind some into cracked rye cereal and some into flour. Thanks, Dennis Gilliam 503-708-3467

Clackamas County Oregon

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Thanks for your cereal rye grain sowing question. Secale cereale is a cool season annual cereal grain. Agriculturally speaking, Its uses include scavenges excess nitrogen, prevents erosion, adds organic matter, and suppresses weeds. Although sometimes spring planted for an agricultural purpose, the rye will not set seed without being exposed to extended cold after germination (vernalization) and it will die on its own within a few months. A likely seed source would be a farm supply store: Naomi's Organic Farm Supply is located in Portland, they offer home gardener size seed quantities. Dennis - this sounds like a fun project!