Short trees for a green screen

Asked May 14, 2017, 5:23 PM EDT

My neighbors in northwest Baltimore would like to plant a line of trees at the back of their property to screen the boundary between their yard and the house behind. There is a power/phone line running down the back boundaries so the trees will have to be on the shorter side. We also have lots of deer. The soil is clayey and the site is partially sunny. What type of small tree would be suitable? My neighbors aren't gardeners (yet) and need an expert opinion. Many thanks. Many thanks.


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Some possibilities may be a mix of upright hollies, (Dragon Lady Holly, Nellie Stevens Holly, San Jose, Holly, and Foster holly), or magnolia (Little Gem). You may want to plant some deciduous species like Calycanthus, Lilac, or Forsythia. Plan for mature height and width.
It is a good idea to plan for a mix of different plant species so you do not lose the whole stand to an insect or disease issue. You will also have to cross reference with our deer resistant plant list.

Deer will sample just about anything that is new in the environment. No matter what you plant, it will be a good idea to protect it until it is big enough to withstand some deer damage.

Contact some landscape designers for a site visit and recommendations. Also, contact some large nurseries as they may have landscape designers on staff. You can take a copy of a plat, plan, or take some photos with you. They should be able to advise you with specific varieties and/or plants to fit your landscape. See our deer resistant publication