Grass Carrying Wasp

Asked May 14, 2017, 12:59 PM EDT

I have read the previous post on this wasp. And if they built their nests in seldom used windows, I wouldn't have a problem. However, they really seem to like building a nest in the space on top of my patio door. Every time we open that door, we get a shower of grass on our heads and of course it blows into the house. I have tried removing the nest several times and also wiping the area down with vinegar. No difference. What other tactics should I employ to encourage them to move to another spot?

Travis County Texas

1 Response

I am so sorry to hear about your persistent wasp problem. Unfortunately there is no proven method to prevent their return. Luckily this variety of wasp is not aggressive and is an excellent pollinator of many plant species. Simply continue to remove the nest as soon as you see evidence of it.

More information on grass carrying wasps here:

I'm sorry I don't have a permanent solution to your problem. Please write again if you have further questions.