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Asked May 14, 2017, 12:25 PM EDT

We have a winter banana apple tree that has developed odd growths on several of the branches. See pictures of one area. The growths look like a mass of pine needles stuck to the branch. They were not there last fall- a lot of growth in just a few months? The tree seems to be otherwise healthy and flowering as usual. Could this be contagious? There is a Braeburn apple tree right next to is, as well as regular forest vegetation (douglas fir, indian plums, ferns, etc). I don't see any growths on any of the other trees, yet. Both apple trees are maybe 7-8 years old and each had a small crop last fall. Neither tree has been sprayed in over a year. Thank you for any information you can share. DeAnna Russelle

Yamhill County Oregon

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You have adventitious roots growing on the branch of your tree, commonly known as burr knot. Unfortunately, there may not be a lot that you can do about this problem as I do not believe Gallex is available to homeowners. The good news is that it is not contagious and will not affect your other trees.

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