How to protect my "Garden in a Box" from snow forecast for Friday

Asked May 14, 2017, 12:20 PM EDT

We just planted a shade "Garden in a Box" yesterday. We heard that it will be snowing 1-3 inches on Friday May 19th. How, if at all, can we protect the newly planted shade plants? (They were 4" pots). The location is Castle Pines, CO. The area is sheltered on almost all sides by either house or stone wall.
- Should we let the plants dry out or water them as usual before the rain and snow?


Douglas County Colorado

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The predictions I saw said snow and also a hard freeze, into the lower 20's. So yes, do protect your plants. Actually, a little snow will be good insulation! Water the plants as usual. Put some mulch down (an inch or two) to help insulate the roots. And put a "frost blanket" over the top, to keep the heat in. Thick plastic or row covers should work as the blanket, but you should support the blanket above the plants, since they will freeze where they touch. Your site looks nicely protected from wind, and should stay a bit warmer tucked next to the house, so cross your fingers and you should have a very pretty garden this summer!