Tomato frost cover

Asked May 13, 2017, 8:36 PM EDT

Hello! We live in Bend, Oregon where it can freeze in the summer on some nights. How can we make a dome to protect tomatoes and with what thickness cover do we use? 5mm? Is a freeze blanket better? I don't even know what that is. Thanks, Sarah Gradek

Deschutes County Oregon

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Thanks for your frost protection question. Here is a link to an answer an experienced Master Gardener gave about fall protection--but equally valuable in your area. I've attached a photo of one Seattle gardener's solution (albeit in the spring.) As Jean noted, though, don't let the plastic touch the plants. The thickness of the plastic is less important than the timing. Put it over the plants before the temperature gets to 30 degrees, and remove it in the morning after sunup. You certainly can purchase commercial products that say they can protect the plants, but cheap plastic works, too. Just weigh it down so it doesn't blow off overnight.

Since you might have other questions about efficient and effective ways to garden in Central Oregon, here's a link to a very thorough article from Deschutes County extension on many subjects. (There are suggestions about plant protection devices on pages 13 and 14.) Finally, here's a link to list of cold-tolerant tomatoes.

Hope these are helpful. Good luck.

Thanks for this information!!

May I ask what type of large compost container is best? Ground composting does not work well here in Bend.

Here's a link to a very interesting page with ideas about containers/environments: Backyard