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Asked May 13, 2017, 4:12 PM EDT

We live outside Winston Salem, NC and have a good growing season. We are starting a small orchard and bought two pear trees, one Barlett and one Moonglow. The Moonglow has been planted two months but has no leaves at all as of May 13, 2017. The other pear tree has beautiful leaves. When I break off a twig the inside is green but the outside bark is light brown. Why would the tree have no leaves at this date? Thank so much for your help.
Fred Moretz(

Forsyth County North Carolina pear trees horticulture

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Several reasons could cause it to not leaf out. I would think it would already have leaves by now, if it is still alive. Did you purchase the trees bare root or potted? Were they single stem or have branches on them? Most nurseries that supply commercial orchards, sell the #1's as 1 year seedling "whips" with no branches. These younger seedlings have better survival rates. What the nurseries do with left over unsold trees is to pot them and sell to big box stores. If the roots dry out before being potted, survival rate drops dramatically. I suggest giving it until this time next year to see if it does leaf out, but have a replacement ready to go back with or just replace it this fall.