Dwarf Honeycrisp Apple Tree not producing blossoms

Asked May 13, 2017, 9:07 AM EDT

I have a 5-7 year old Honeycrisp apple tree that does not produce any blossoms. What could be the problem? Where can I get the soil tested?

Hennepin County Minnesota

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See: http://soiltest.cfans.umn.edu/ for getting the soil tested. A very good first step.

The following URLs provide much information on growing apple trees and in particular Honeycrisp:

The problem could be caused by numerous factors. Among them are not enough sun (full needed), too much nitrogen, not enough zinc, too much pruning. As for the last, blossoms form on spurs growing on one year or older branches. If these are pruned, there will be no flowers at those points. That said, it is unlikely that every single spur on every branch would be pruned off so that probably isn't the problem.

Do get the soil tested. Perhaps some of the other information in the U of M documents will help you pinpoint a reason for the lack of blossoms.

Best of luck in solving what must be a frustrating problem.