bed bugs

Asked May 12, 2017, 8:54 PM EDT

Do bed bugs turn white and die when sprayed with alcohol

Muskingum County Ohio

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Unfortunately not. Bed bugs are often preserved in alcohol and they retain their color. A spraying of alcohol would not turn them white to the best of my knowledge.

If you are finding "dead bugs" that appear white and look like bed bugs, you MAY be finding the shed exoskeletons of bed bugs or other insects, but I cannot be sure without seeing what you are describing.

If you would like, you can upload photos here, or you can email them to the Extension Educator in your county for help with insect or insect-part identification. The Muskingum County Extension Office Number is: 740-454-0144

Here is a factsheet about bed bugs and management if you suspect you have them

It goes into how to confirm their presence. Do not use foggers, they do not work. Sprays over the counter will NOT be effective. It is recommended you should contact an exterminator for proper treatment. Here is recommended Questions you can ask potential pest control services

Feel free to reply or call your local Extension Office with more questions.