Lilac-type flowering tree

Asked May 12, 2017, 1:57 PM EDT

Hi, We're coming on our 3rd summer in the house and still discovering/finding out what previous owners have planted! We have a straggly looking "tree" in the front yard that until last year was overshadowed by a popple/aspen. We have no idea what it is, and now for the first time since we've lived here its flowering. Small white compact flowers along a maybe finger length on maybe 1/3 of the branches. They smell a bit lilac-like but are much smaller and the flower looks a bit different, though the leaves look similar to a lilac bush I recall from growing up. Anyway, I don't think its living its best life - curious if you could help us learn what it is so we can better prune and care for it? thanks!

Ramsey County Minnesota

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I believe that your tree is a black cherry and not a tree lilac. Here is a link to compare.