Asked May 12, 2017, 12:15 PM EDT

I have purchased so many different perennial grasses. I plant them and they look beautiful for that season, but they NEVER come back the next year. Its like they're an annual grass and its really frustrating. I've spent alot of money on many, many, many perennial grasses; and they just die out over the winter months. What am I doing wrong ?? Its a grass...I would think that grasses would be one of the hardiest perennials to plant. I have had no luck, but absolutely love how they look in gardens. What should I do...try covering them better ?? Is their a particular grass that will made it through a cold MN winter ? Please help...any suggestions would be much appreciated. thank you so much.

McLeod County Minnesota growing perennial grasses

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I don't know what is happening with your grasses either but wonder about the hardiness zone of them, the location and getting them established in the first year. You should look for grasses that are labeled zone 4 hardy and even zone 3 would be better. They like full sun, well drained soil and will need regular watering for the first year. If you don't cut them back but leave them for the winter it helps to protect them some too. It might be a good idea to also consider doing a soil test to see if the area you are planting has a problem. Here is a link to that info. Here is a link to a bit more info.