Remove creeping bellflower roots from hosta rootball?

Asked May 11, 2017, 6:25 PM EDT

Hello, The dreaded creeping bellflower has overtaken a section of hosta garden. I dug all the hosta out in order to reclaim the soil. Hoed the clay soil down 6", pulling as many roots as possible. The hosta root balls are intertwined with bellflower roots -- will the hosta tolerate a bath to remove the nom-hosta root? Should I gently hose the root balls down or soak the dirt off, then tease apart the unconnected roots? I plan to lay newspaper down, and mulch with cedar, 2-3 inches for replanting. Thanks. I look forward to your sage counsel. I don't want to lose these hosta, but I don't want to let the creeping bellflower overtake again. Margaret churchill

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Hostas will tolerate a lot of abuse. One thing you could do is cut off a small chunk of the hosta rootball which is free of the creeping bellflower rhizomes, then replant that and discard the rest. Hostas need dividing every couple of years and only a small piece is necessary to restart the plant. You'll still have to be vigilant in watching for the return of the creeping bellflower.

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