How to develop an above ground cistern for household water supply

Asked May 11, 2017, 6:01 PM EDT

We have a cabin just outside of Granite, OR and had developed a spring for household water use. The spring went dry two years ago due to the drought and did come back this year but we no longer trust it for year around use. We would like to have a portable cistern system so we can fill the tank off-site, as needed, and then have it pressurized for use in the bathroom and kitchen. We have a small solar system so would prefer to have a pump that is solar powered. Can you recommend articles or advice to take us from start to finish on this project. And where to get the needed items. Thanks, Colleen

Grant County Oregon drinking water cistern

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Your local (semi-local) well driller or pump company should be able to help you get the materials you need and also help consult. Each of these systems are very individual based upon the spring and area surrounding the spring. Here is a contact to find locally licensed folks to help

You can also order many of the items you would need online. There aren't a huge amount of resources available, but here is what I found. You're really going to have to create your own plan. I would recommend you install a cistern underground to help keep the temperature consistent and in case you are storing water during the winter season.