6 E. Brookhaven Rd. Walllingford,PA

Asked May 11, 2017, 4:09 PM EDT

I was in a privledged position to acquire a property rich in horticulture and steep in history. It sits on over 3 well-appointed acres, and has over 600 different species of exotic plant life. The center piece of this gorgeous property is a historical gem with over 5,000 sq/ft of living space. Each individual invited onto the property proclaims in abundance the wealth of existing plant and tree life. As I understand it, the property operated years ago as Wallingford Rose gardens where Dr. Kassab gained inspiration to cultivate his own species of Holly tree. I've been completely overwhealmed in my attempts to revitalize this property and restore it to its glory, as I have a limited understanding of Bald cypresses, dawn redwoods, umbrella pines, and more Japanese maple species than I can count or have the ability to dig up and re-pot. My question to you would be; could this property serve as an additional asset or resource to your institutions horticulture program?

Delaware County Pennsylvania

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Thank you for thinking of UD, but we are able to work with a property in PA.