I have heard that there is a blight (fungus?) infecting blue spruce trees in...

Asked May 11, 2017, 8:42 AM EDT

I have heard that there is a blight (fungus?) infecting blue spruce trees in our area, and have heard about protective or treatment methods, e.g., spray. Can you give me some advice about this disease and possible treatments?

Licking County Ohio

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There are multiple fungal diseases that can be infecting blue spruce trees. One of the more common ones is Rhizosphaera needle cast but there are also other types of needle cast. In addition to needle cast, there are other fungal diseases including tip blight and canker diseases. The Tip blight may be the "blight" you referred to. It is more common in pine trees but can occur in spruce trees.

If your tree(s) are loosing needles or changing colors it will be important to diagnose the problem soon. Most fungicide applications will only protect new growth but will not save infected older needles. These fungicides should be applied very soon to protect the new growth. The type of fungicide and its effectiveness may vary with the type of infection your tree(s) have.

Depending on the number and size of your trees it may be best to contact a certified arborist. A list of these is available at http://www.treesaregood.com/ . By typing in your zip code you can find one close by. The Ohio State University Plant and Pest Diagnostic Center can also be useful in diagnosing the problem https://ppdc.osu.edu/. If you are in Licking County I can try to assist you with a diagnosis also. Call 740-670-5315. Once we know what the disease is we can provide more information and treatment options.