Recommended trees and shrubs for Winona/SE MN, root question

Asked May 10, 2017, 1:10 PM EDT

I have two questions: I am looking to replace several large blue/Norway spruce trees that we had removed due to fungal disease. The location has good sun exposure and decent drainage. I am looking to replace them with a mix of trees and shrubs that offer both screening for privacy from our neighbor's yard and attractive color and form. What species do you recommend? My other question is whether I should have the stumps removed before planting the new shrubs/trees nearby. In the backyard location stump removal is not a big issue, as the trees were surrounded by lawn. In the front yard however, I have a very large magnolia and burr oak within 20' or less of the large spruce stump, and I am concerned with disturbing the root system of these trees.

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The roots of trees go far beyond the canopy. I wound not grind stumps near mature trees. Trees grow well only when matched to site conditions.( Soil pH, amount of sunlight, mature size ) Trees able to grow on site can then be chosen. Inclusion of ornamental traits like crown shape, flower color, etc. can then narrow the list.

There are five components to choosing trees for a planting site. Begin by evaluating site attributes above and below ground. Do you have electric power lines? Plan for potential site modifications and tree maintenance (management) capabilities. Then choose desirable tree attributes, and select appropriate trees for the site. The following sites will help you select trees and shrubs for your site.