growing vegetables in zone 6

Asked May 10, 2017, 11:53 AM EDT

I will be moving to Ky in about a year. I live in Orlando Fl right now, zone 9b and we have very specific dates on when to plant certain things. I LOVE to grow things. I'm not GOOD at growing things but I still try. I am looking for a book that can guide me on what and when to plant in zone 6. I have a great book for growing things in Fl. Month by Month gardening in Florida. I did buy the same book for Tennessee and Kentucky but it was very disappointing. Do you have any recommendations?

Orange County Florida

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I hope your move is a positive experience. We have more general planting dates in Kentucky depending on where you are located. My growing season in eastern KY is almost 3 weeks shorter than at the western side of the state. ID-128 Home Vegetable Gardening is available as a PDF on-line and has good information in it. Also some County Extension offices produce a calendar that they give out that has planting dates as well as other useful information for their clientele. In general you will have 3 seasons of gardening and can extend the season 1 month either way with the use of a high tunnel. Spring is a good time for cools season crops, greens, peas, radishes and carrots. Summer will be your warm season crops like tomato, pepper and summer squash. Fall is a great time to plant cole crops if you can find the transplants. Unfortunately people do not do enough fall gardening in Jentucky because they are tired of it by then. Winter is the time to attend meetings and prepare for the next year. I would encourage you to contact the Extension office in the county you are moving to and ask to be placed on their mailing list. This will let you see what sorts of things are going on.

Thank you VERY much. I am hoping I can have a greenhouse built onto the house I will be building as well so I can grow all year long. I will download that pdf and start studying it now.
Thanks again.

I just looked at the pdf and it is EXACTLY what I was looking for. 3 thumbs up!!!!!!!