Deer Predation Control

Asked May 10, 2017, 10:46 AM EDT

Hello, I live on a small acreage in South Salem and the deer are killing my gardening and landscaping efforts. My question is about deer-fencing. Given the appropriate nod to MC statuates giverning fence height and set-back, what height of fence do you recommend. The deer-pressure is moderate. I am thinking of a standard 4 foot high woven wire fence with staggered strands of high tensile wire above that at 2 foot intervals. Do you think that would keep them out of the yard? Thanks in advance. James

Marion County Oregon

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Hi James:
The fence you describe is similar to what we use around our acreage west on Monmouth. It is 4' woven wire with a couple of strands of barb wire and a white plastic wire called Bayco or something like that at the top. It is a total of close to 6' tall in total, I guess. Strictly speaking this is not tall enough to keep deer out. And in our case we are talking 2 acres of fenced area. But, deer seem disinclined to jump over it to get into the garden, and there's plenty of tasty treats to be had. They will jump it if we leave our gate open and they wander up the driveway and then need to be chased out. Often in these circumstances they will jump between the strands of barb wire, which are a few inches apart. So just be aware that the strands on top you are considering are not much of a deterrent, other than visual, I suppose. I think deer are just a bit lazy for the most part and not anxious to jump structures if there is sufficient browse outside the fence. I include a link to information on deer and their management, including several suggestions ion fencing options, in the link below. The URL comes out a bit clumsy, but it is supposed to be all one long address. Let me know if you have problems pasting this into a browser and opening it. Thanks!