Asked May 10, 2017, 9:11 AM EDT

We have fig bushes, but never get fruits to grow to maturity. Fertilize or not? If yes, with what and when? Should we prune the branch tips to keep bushes to a height where we can harvest easily? If so, what time of the season to prune?

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Figs produce fruit on shoots off the old wood or on the old wood (at the intersection where new wood emerges). So, if your fig dies down to the ground each winter, or gets a lot a freezing damage and you lose the old wood , you will not get fruit because all the wood will be new.

Figs need a fairly long warm growing season to have enough time for the figs to mature. Be sure your fig is in the warmest, sunniest spot you have. A sun "pocket" is good.

Typically, figs are vigorous growers and do not need fertilization. Applying compost around the roots yearly is more than enough.

Yes, you can prune. Prune in early spring.

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