Strawberry plant problems

Asked May 10, 2017, 8:46 AM EDT

what is eating the stalks of strawberry plants. About 6-8" above ground the stalks are chewed and the leave fall topple to the ground. May be cutworms, but can not see them. Also thought their damage was close to the ground. I have images of the damage but do not know how upload them with this question.

Kent County Maryland

1 Response

You're right, it sounds too high for cutworms: ( Floating row cover works well to prevent their damage.

It's possible that it is rabbits or squirrels. Young animals, in particular, will try new plants and find that they are not tasty, so they just leave the damaged plant part on the ground.

You might want to go out at night with a head lamp and see if you can locate any pests at work. Another method of identifying the culprit is to sprinkle lime on smoothly leveled soil around plants and see if anything leaves footprints after a while..