mulch in colorado

Asked May 8, 2017, 2:41 PM EDT

I am on an HOA board and we are in need of new mulch. One vendor is suggesting shredded redwood mulch and another is suggesting metro brown mulch. Is there an advantage or disadvantage to one or the other? Also, our present landscape person has let grass under some of our trees die and is now suggesting that grass does not grow under trees. I know that under pine trees it is difficult, with needles falling, but is it generally true or is that not the case? Thank you.
Nancy Carabell

Boulder County Colorado

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Hi Nancy,

I do not know what "metro brown mulch is", but the important thing is to have mulch that will stay in place. Here are a couple of articles about types of mulch:

As for grass grown under trees, it can be difficult to keep grass alive under trees due to shade and root competition. If you think the grass is dying because of disease or insect, you might consider bringing a sample in to the extension office for analysis. To do this, bring in a sample that includes healthy and unhealthy grass with the roots intact. The transition from healthy to unhealthy is important for diagnosis. Or you can call 303-678-6238 to schedule a visit for a lawncheck, which costs $75/hour.

Regards, Amenda, Boulder County Master Gardener Volunteer