Mushroom control

Asked May 8, 2017, 11:11 AM EDT

I have mushrooms growing in my mulch beds. I can see the spores everywhere. How can I get rid of them. Thanks in advance.

Westmoreland County Pennsylvania

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Fungi, including mushrooms are a natural part of the decomposition process, and their presence is not generally a negative. However, if you are seeing an abundance of fruiting bodies (mushrooms) it is generally indicative of a carbon heavy system. In other words you have too much brown matter (perhaps decomposing wood) in your pile. If that is the case, the addition of more nitrogen based material, or green material will help balance the compost and limit the fungi growth.

You can also keep the fungus from sending up fruiting bodies by frequently turning your compost pile.

Hope this helps.

Oh, I am sorry. In my haste, I misread your concern. The problem with mushrooms in mulch is common, and generally cosmetic. Fungi are decomposers of carbon based material, and wood mulch is their primary target. So, to reduce their unsightly fruiting bodies, the best thing you can do is to rake out your mulch on a frequent basis. The raking will keep the fungi from fruiting and producing more spores.

Hopefully, I am on the right track this time around.