Asked May 8, 2017, 7:28 AM EDT

We have a beautiful lawn with the exception of chickweed. We used Scotts weed and feed in early spring and it was suppose to kill chickweed, but it didn't. We're wondering what we should do now? The Scott's packaging indicated to use weed and feed again in late spring as part of their application/maintenance plan. Is this what you would recommend to get rid of these weeds? It seems that Scott's was encouraging a late spring application so the lawn would be fertilized again. We're concerned about too much fertilizer but Want the chickweed gone. Your recommendation? Many thanks.

Frederick County Maryland

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You can handpull young weeds or spot treat with a post emergent weed control if actively growing. Chickweed is a winter annual and will decline in warm weather. Preemergents are applied in the late summer/early fall, however you will not be able to sow grass seed.

We recommend fall fertilization. If you did not fertilize in the fall, then you can apply fertilizer in the spring, if your turf is off color or not growing well.
We do not recommend another spring application of fertilizer. You should be aware that Maryland now has a lawn fertilizer law. This also applies to commercial companies too

If you are going to use a lawn care company, you should familiarize yourself with the basics of lawn care. See our publication Turfgrass Maintenance Calendar for step by step lawn care throughout the year, as well as a fertilization schedule