Help with identification and care for new garden

Asked May 7, 2017, 4:13 PM EDT

We just bought a new house in South Minneapolis that has some lovely gardens and shrubs. I don't know what most of the plants are nor how to care for them. How can I get some help to identify the plants in the gardens and get advice on what I need to do to care for them. Thanks, Jennifer

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Garden Centers or local yard care companies may have services to come out and assist in identification and care of your new landscape. From the pictures you sent I am able to identify some (see below). Most are low maintenance and do not require much care aside from clean up in the spring and occasional splitting when they take up too much space. Photo 1: back--Day Lily (longer leaf), Sedum (probable Autumn Joy), Day Lily, Front--Hosta (green and yellow), Huchera (red ruffled leaf), Hosta, Huchera, Ligilaria (red round leaf) Photo 2: back--Peony (tall reddish leaves), front--Allium (tall green leaf, left), Sedum (ground cover). Photo 3: back--Lilac shrub, front left to right, various Hostas, Day Lily (longer leaf), Astilbe (reddish leaf), Day Lily, Hostas