Is this Echinacea or a weed? What about this other thing in the garden?

Asked May 7, 2017, 1:37 PM EDT

Last year, cone flowers were blooming in my garden. This year, plants are growing in the same spot, but also all over the garden. They have long running, but shallow roots. (see picture of the one I placed on the deck). I am assuming it is all echinacea, but I am not sure. Could these be weeds instead? To make matters more confusing, I think there is something else with a more jagged leaf. I don't know if this jagged leafed plant is one and the same as the other with the smooth edged leaves, and if a weed or flower either. This other appears to have deeper roots. If they are all weeds, I am going to have a lot of garden space for new plants!

Baltimore County Maryland

1 Response

We think that the plant in the first photo is an invading goldenrod. They have narrower leaves and often grow connected to each other with an underground fleshy white root. You can pull those up.
The rough-edged leaves in your second photos look like your coneflowers.