Bleeding Aspen Trees????

Asked May 6, 2017, 5:30 PM EDT

Dear Sir: I live in Bailey, Colorado at an altitude of 8800 feet. My property is a wooded 4.5 acres. Most of our trees are the evergreen variety, We also have quite a few Aspen trees. Directly at the front of our home, at the southwest facing side, are three mature Aspen trees. Each tree is approx. 30-35 feet tall. One of the trees has been oozing or bleeding what looks to be sap. It's a dark golden color sticky liquid which seems to come out of what look like small dark holes in the tree truck? The 'fluid' runs down the tree trunk and covers the trunk all around. Not sure if the tree is diseased or if there are small insects causing this? Might you have any information or treatments that are known to stop this from occurring??? Thank you....

Park County Colorado

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Good Morning- Aspen trees are prone to many insects and disease. Yes, this is not healthy, but without an inspection, it is impossible to tell what is causing the problem with your aspen. I would suggest that you contact the State Forester, 719-687-2921. They will charge you $50 for a visit and diagnose your tree.

Hope this helps,