Robins nest

Asked May 6, 2017, 12:06 PM EDT

Since we have lived in our house (3 years) there is always a robins nest that is built in our wisteria tree. This year the nest was built on top of the trellis protected by the tree. Every morning and night I would notice that the momma Robin was laying peacefully in the nest. There were 3 eggs to start, the past few days I have noticed that I haven't seen the Momma, and when I peaked there is only one egg left. What would have happened to the eggs? And what do I do with the remaining egg?

Ontario County New York

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For whatever reason, momma has abandoned the nest. It happens. It could be that those two eggs were depredated, and momma is looking for a safer place. That last egg? Consider it part of the circle of life...