Celandine control in ivy groundcover

Asked May 5, 2017, 12:49 PM EDT

We have a garden boarder of ivy, but celandine grows right up to it, and some inside. Can this extensive infestation be treated with glyphosate? What about using it in April just before the ivy starts to grow but when celandine is active? Thanks

Prince George's County Maryland

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According to Plant Invaders of Mid-Atlantic Natural Areas, Lesser Celandine (fig buttercup) can be controlled with a 1.5-2% rate of a 53.8% glyphosate, mixed with a sticker/spreader like Turbo.
The best time to do it is late winter into early spring-Feb-March, prior to flowering and up to when about 50% of the plants are in flower, til around April 1st. It can take a week or two to see full effects, and retreatment will likely be needed for years.
English ivy is also considered invasive, so be careful not to let it get away from you into natural areas, nor let it grow upwards. Once aerial, it can flower and set seeds which birds carry to new areas.


Thanks for this, but I didn't make the question clear. The problem is that the celandine is growing mixed with the ivy. The ivy is a ground cover and the celandine an unwanted weed. So I am looking for a way to kill the celandine while not harming the ivy.
Steve Prince

In the areas where they overlap, you can selectively 'paint' celandine leaves with a sponge paintbrush containing the herbicide to avoid your ivy.