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Asked May 5, 2017, 11:54 AM EDT

A few years back we purchased a honey crisp apple tree so we could enjoy home grown apples. Unfortunately, every year, it flowers beautifully, but all of the apples are diseased. We have never been able to get one good apple. We live in NE Minneapolis. My wife has inquired about what to do in previous years, not to you, but to other gardening stores. We sure would love to have our own home grown apples. Please help Steve If you would like to call you can reach me at 612-501-8982

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You've not given me much to go on. "Apples are diseased" could mean almost anything. But I'll take a stab at it because if you are not treating your tree in some fashion for apple maggot, your apples are probably infested with apple maggots. They will look shrunken, misshapen, and the fruit will be rotten. If that's not the case, write back. If it is, read here:

I've had good success controlling apple maggot by bagging apples (described in the publication above).