Help! Raspberries under water

Asked May 5, 2017, 9:56 AM EDT

Hello, I planted raspberry roots this March but then had to move them to a different location due to too much shade. In the winter/early spring, it was receiving a lot of sun but that started changing mid-spring with the trees leafing. It was receiving about 4.5 hours of direct sun and the rest was shade. The new location has full sun at least 8 hours but today's hard rain (my rain gauge shows 2.5 inches and it's still raining a lot!) but with the drainage, all the rain water is flooding the area. Will my raspberries be ok? The water is moving fast (isn't sitting in the raspberries). I tried to build a barrier, but the water kept breaking through. Should I move it back to the shady location or should I keep it in the sunny location and try to build a "water barrier" around it? Or should I try to "raise" the raspberries higher onto mounds.

Howard County Maryland

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That is a surprising amount of water.
Does this area regularly flood like this? How often?
Now that the rain has let up, what does it look like?


If it rains a lot and fast, the area gets flooded. Now that the rain has stopped, may water has run off and there are puddles left.

Having the rainwater running through that area will cost you top soil and nutrients if it occurs often. That said, the sunny location helps you to have a better yield than where you originally had them.
Hopefully, those puddles drain within an hour or so of the rain stopping.
We would suggest widening the bed to about four feet and mulching it with straw or bark mulch.
If the water tends to pool and stay, or this happens regularly, your best option if your are willing to do the work, would be to build a raised bed (6-8") here.
The time to do that would be after the canes go dormant in the fall.