bristlecone pine, spruce care above 10,000

Asked May 5, 2017, 5:49 AM EDT


I have a cabin in Fairplay and am having the hardest time starting (from seedling and transplanting) of bristlecone and spruce trees. I know the growing season is short and transplanting is traumatic but is there any advice on how to make this more successful? (Fertilizer? Root Stimulator, etc)

Thanks for any help!


Park County Colorado

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Hi Mark, yes slow release pellets, etc will help tremendously, make sure they get enough water & keep pests away with pvc tubes, etc.
See fact sheets on our website,

Thank you. What kind of slow release pellets do you recommend and how often do you do it? I could not find the fact sheet and mention of PVC tubes on the site. Could you give me the URL to the fact sheet and PVC tubes please?


Hi Mark, sorry traveling last several days.
Any slow release pellet or "stake", made for trees.
The tubes are available thru our tree seedling program & the CSU Forest Service. Our program is over, but call my Admin, Tiffany & she may be able to help. 719-836-4296.