To Move or Not to Move -- Perennials!!

Asked May 3, 2017, 1:43 PM EDT

Hi there, I have a smallish garden in the back of my home. It has mostly hydrangeas and the garden is becoming crowded. I need to move plants around and generally rearrange everything to make it look nice. Can you tell me if I can move plants now? And if not, when I should move them. Thank you! Tami Butz (301) 748-4135

Montgomery County Maryland trees and shrubs dividing perennials

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Hi Tami,

Generally, the best time to move hydrangeas would be when they are dormant, in mid to late fall, or late winter to early spring. We are past early spring now and hydrangeas have already started developing their new growth for this season. Technically you could move them now, but they will be more susceptible to transplant stress now that they are actively growing again. If you were to move the plants now, make sure you keep them well watered until you see further new growth development. Your best bet, though, would be to hold off until the fall and move them then.


Thank you for your response! I will take your advice and hold off until late fall.

Much appreciation, Tami