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Asked May 2, 2017, 6:30 PM EDT

Hi there, I'm brand new to gardening (and just moved to Bend!). I'm hoping you could help me with two things. 1. What do you recommend doing for soil fertility? I'm starting in a fresh location, about 9'x16' total. I know the soil isn't great here, so I've mixed in four bags of steer manure and one bag of worm castings. Anything else you'd recommend? 2. What should I plant and when? I saw the chart here: ( The chart typically gives a two month window. I wanted to check where Central Oregon falls in that window for THIS year. For example, would you say it's looking like a warm year and I should plant onions now (chart recommends May-June)? Thanks in advance. This newbie gardener truly appreciates any help he can get. Sincerely, Dave R. 5/2/17

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Hi Dave,

To answer your first question on soil fertility, what you added is a good start. You will want to continue to build the soil each season. We have additional tips in our vegetable gardening guide found here:

I would recommend you check out many of our local publications and or attend our classes found at our website here look at the options on the right hand side of the page:

To answer your second question, it is not starting out as a typical early season, in fact we are about 2-3 weeks behind last year. You would be okay to plant onions now (page 20 in the guide) up and through the first week of June.

Thanks, Amy Jo