I have literally hundreds od dead and dying honeybees on my driveway. What...

Asked May 2, 2017, 2:17 PM EDT

I have literally hundreds od dead and dying honeybees on my driveway. What would cause this? Upon gently sweeping them off the pavement, most are alive, but very lethargic. None flew at all, but slowly meandering around. Some are in clusters.

Lucas County Ohio

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Hi there, This does seem to be odd but I don't have an answer to your question. Has anyone been spraying there? Do you have a hive? Was it a cold day and a swarm just wasn't move normally? I feel you should save some of the bees in a container, and contact your County Extension Educator to have them examine them and see if some could be sent in to C. Wayne Ellett diagnostic lab for diagnosis. There is a fee for this but if it is alarming enough maybe the county would do the sending. This should be done with out delay. I am attaching the link for the Extension Educator Lucas County. https://lucas.osu.edu/about/staff I am also attaching a link for the diagnostic lab if you choose to go that route . I wish you the best with this we need our pollinators. https://ppdc.osu.edu/submit-sample Thank you for your concern, concerning this.

I do not know if anyone has sprayed recently. I do not have a hive. It has been chilly the last couple of days, and the bees do seem to be clumping for warmth. It may be a swarm moving, but it is hundreds, perhaps a thousand insects, not the tens of thousands that would comprise either a domestic or wild hive. I can easily collect samples of both live and dead bees. Can I take them to the extension office at Toledo Botanical Garden? I live right across the street. I know the garden has several hives, so someone there may know what's going on. As a meadmaker, bees are of great importance to me.

Oh my yes, by all means go to the Botanical Garden. I had no Idea you were so close and they may want to see what is going on to prevent a hazard to their own hives. They may want to send someone to investigate or even collect the honey bees if it is a swarm. Thanks for your response.