How to Test your soil before planting a garden

Asked May 2, 2017, 7:23 AM EDT

I am wanting to put a rock garden in my southern exposure, but tree shaded front yard, and was wondering how to test the soil and prep it if necessary, prior to placing rocks and planting ground cover and perennials. Is there a kit to buy, or what steps should I take? Thanks. I live in Northern Douglas Cty, city of Lone Tree.

Douglas County Colorado

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We have soil test kits here at the Extension Office on the Douglas County Fairgrounds (410 Fairgrounds Rd).

The kit contains information on how to collect a sample to be tested and a jar that you'll send in to CSU. The testing is all done at their labs. The cost is $35 and you generally get your results in about 2 weeks (although it may take longer as the planting season is ramping up). CSU then sends you the results via email and suggestions on how to improve the health of your soil.

Pop in to get your test kit M-F 9-noon or 1:30-4:30.