mason bees

Asked May 1, 2017, 6:11 PM EDT

I saw a bee enter a hole we had drilled to hold a hook in the brick fascia of our house. The actual brick, not the mortar. There is, of course a cinder block wall behind the brick(s). I poked into the hole using a thin plastic tube from a can of spray air and naturally heard the bee protesting. What should we do? Can the bee(s) get between the brick and the cinder block wall? Can a bee expert get it out for us? Is whatever in the hole something to be concerned about? After writing this question I went out and the hole was covered over. The bee was flying around looking for other openings. What should we do, what happens now?

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Mason bees are active now and they are not aggressive or harmful. They are great pollinators, and the one you see is most likely nesting. Mason bees prefer to nest in hollow stems of plants, reeds or galleries. They are not something to be concerned about, and it really is not necessary to have someone remove the bee. You could provide an alternative nesting site (such as straw, grasses) that would attract them away from holes in the brick.

Here is additional information about mason bees from the Penn State Extension:


Thank you. As you stated, they are very docile. Last year there was a nest in my garden and, I was weeding and planting while they flew in and out. I wasn't sure if that was going to be a one time thing, but the day after I wrote this I noticed the bees again flying into and out of the hole in the garden bed. its very busy for a day or two and then the bees disappear. I didn't relate this solitary bee, who has not been around since Monday, to be a member of that hive. Again thank you.