Buckeye leaf curl

Asked May 1, 2017, 3:30 PM EDT

We have a small Buckeye that a nursery gave to us as a sapling. The leaves are starting to curl and that doesn't look healthy. Any idea? I'll attach a photo.

Livingston County Michigan tree problem

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How long has the tree been planted? How much water is it getting? Did you notice if anything is encased in the curl of the leaf? Some plants can curl their leaves in response to a humidity or soil moisture problem, some insects can cause a leaf to curl. I'm not seeing any browning on the edges, so it doesn't seem to be a disease problem.

Hi Mary.

Sorry so long in replying. Been too busy. My wife bought a Bayer systemic product that helps with pests and provides nutrition. It has about three feet of new growth this year, from about 6' to maybe 9' and looks healthier. I didn't see any insects, though recently I've started beetle patrol with a container of soapy water.

Thanks for your concern.