Asked April 30, 2017, 8:30 PM EDT

Hello - I have a well-established herb garden, with a variety of plants. The sage and rosemary are 2-3 years old, and have both done well through the winters. This year, however, I've noticed yellow speckles on both plants, as well as appearing overall unhealthy. The newly planted thyme is starting to show similar issues. The newly planted basil has started with blackening of the leaves, and the lettuce has started with some holes. We added garden soil and fertilizer this year, and have been mixing in coffee grounds every few days. I would appreciate any insight you can offer.

Baltimore County Maryland

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We viewed your photos and do not notice anything too concerning. The plants look pretty good.

Basil - The yellow/black foliage may be due to possible environmental /cold damage. They are sensitive to this. Pick off the affected foliage. The plant is not going to take off until the soil warms. Keep an eye out for basil downy mildew, a fungal disease

Sage - Is not bothered by many pest or disease issues. Looks like a type of environmental damage. Monitor the plant throughout the growing season.

Rosemary - This looks typical of rosemary that has overwintered. Prune out any sections that have dieback and it should rebound.

Lettuce - look for possible slug damage. You can use row cover to protect seedlings if they are not in the area
You can submit more photos if you notice additional problems.