Finding an expert for assistance with backyard drainage

Asked April 30, 2017, 12:03 AM EDT

We have an ongoing problem with a portion our lawn becoming extremely soggy during spring an after heavy rainfall. Our neighbors have had issues with the adjacent area of their yard; unestablished landscaping gets 'washed away' after heavy rain. What is the best way to go about analyzing our situation and identifying possible solutions? I've had friends and family recommend everything from adding a swale(?) garden to french drains and I don't want to jump into a project without a more expert opinion about our yard's drainage patterns. I don't want to invest dollars or labor to install the wrong solution in the wrong place. Our neighbors have told us that the previous owners made some changes, but those only appeared to move the issue and make it worse. Who can we consult for an assessment of our problem? After seeing plenty of lawn and landscape 'professionals' give terrible advice about using invasive species and 'trim' valuable plants without any sort of finesse, I worry about calling just anyone without knowing how to verify they have the proper education and expertise for our problem.

Butler County Ohio lawns and turf drainage issues

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Hello - Thank you for your inquiry. I think a call to our Butler Soil and Water Conservation District might help you with finding the appropriate resources. Their number is 513-887-3720.

Let me know if you have additional questions.