Cherry Blight

Asked April 29, 2017, 11:01 PM EDT

This is how my cherries came out. Most of them got a fungus even before they matured. What can I do to prevent this? The tree is in my backyard in Boalsburg. This has been happening for the past three years. The leaves brown and drop prematurely. I gather them up and throw them in the trash.

Centre County Pennsylvania

1 Response

There is a blight of cherry called brown rot. The best way to find out is to send a sample to the Penn State Plant Clinic. There are two ways to submit a sample. You can take it to your local Penn State Extension office or you can send it directly to the plant clinic. Here is a link to instructions on submitting a sample by mail. Once the clinic has identified the exact pathogen, they will give you instructions on how to manage it.