Asked April 29, 2017, 9:18 AM EDT

My brand new home has these very small flying insects that I see often. See attached photos for a picture of what they look like.
The pictures are of the larger ones...but I also see smaller ones that are so small the could be mistaken for dust in the air. They dont buzz or make any noise. When I can squish them they seem to be kind of hairy/ a moth
The house is 6 months old, I dont have any other insect issues, I keep the house clean, I scrape small amounts of food from plates in a 13 gallon uncovered trashcan located in the kitchen.
Although I see them throughout the house I see them most often when I am sitting at a desk in my TV/computer room. I dont know if this is where the live or I just notice them more because I am sitting in one place for a long time. They may be attracted to the light I have on my computer desk, but they dont seem to be attracted to light like moths

Archuleta County Colorado

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Hard to see much detail, but the wings look like those of a moth fly:

Possibly a fungus gnat, but the body shape doesn't seem quite right.

The general fact sheet on Flies in the Home is at: In this it discusses controls. In the case of moth flies they are living in some very moist site; the bacterial slime of drains is a typical site where they are developing within a home.