Planting acuba cuttings

Asked April 27, 2017, 9:52 AM EDT

How best to plant acuba cuttings that I have rooted in water for several weeks? the cuttings are about 9 inches long with well-developed root stems. Should I add any fertilizer or nutrients to the planting? Can you suggest methods for shielding the plantings from deer? Thanks.

Baltimore Maryland

1 Response

Deer like aucuba. Look at our website for photos of deer damage to this plant. You may be setting yourself up for failure. The plants will have to be protected with deer netting or fencing for the life of the plants.
Take a look at our deer resistant plant list for plants that they do not like to eat.

In general cuttings rooted in water can be more fragile than roots started in a soilless mixture. We recommend that you plant the cuttings in a container in a soilless mixture and no fertilizer is recommended. The cuttings will be trying to establish a good root system. Keep well watered. After about 6-8 weeks, you may be able to plant in the ground. They will have to be protected from deer with deer netting or fencing for the life of the plants.