Question about rain on plant leaves

Asked April 26, 2017, 2:34 AM EDT

Hello! I live in the Seattle area, and am an absolute beginner to gardening. I decided to start slow by growing a tomato plant in a container. I have read in several places that you should avoid getting water on the leaves when watering, or they will be prone to disease/fungus. If that is such a big deal, though, how is a plant supposed to withstand the rain? I'm so paranoid that I brought my plant inside for the night since there's rain in the forecast, but this seems pretty crazy. Please help me understand and hopefully stop worrying? Or do I have to towel off my plant after each of our endless rains? Thanks for your time and help! Best wishes from Washington!

King County Washington

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Welcome to the world of gardening! Yes, it is true that when the triangle of host plant, moisture and disease/fungus are all at the right place at the right time there can be problems.

However, all three elements are needed to put a plant at risk. So, with that leaving your tomato outside during Washington rainy times is fine. Make sure your tomato is located in a area that receives as much "sun" as possible. Meaning not on the shady side of your house/apt. if possible. Here is a publication on how to grow tomatoes in the home garden. Good luck!

That helps a lot - thanks, Sheila!