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Asked April 25, 2017, 11:52 PM EDT

Hello. I have a quarter-acre Corvallis city plot with lawn, edible garden, ornamentals, and very small orchard. I'm new to pesticide/herbicide spraying, and finding myself wanting for certain kinds of information about the sprays I've identified as potentially useful. The sprays I'm interested in are Serenade Horticultural spray oil (e.g., All Seasons) Copper fungicide (e.g., Bonide's) NEEM Spinosad (e.g., Captain Jack's Dead Bug) Ferti-lome's WeedFreeZOne (for clover-killing) And the sort of information I'm looking for is mechanism means of uptake: foliage only, or roots, or... derivative effects (e.g., kills beneficial insects) shelf-life persistence: how long effect lasts whatever else is important that I'm too naive to have yet grown concerned about Granted I'm bad at such things, but I'm having a hard time finding such information from product labels, from the spray guides put out by local (Corvallis/Albany) nurseries, from company websites, from OSU extension's orchard/disease&insect guide, from the NW Insect and Disease Handbooks, and generally online. (Don't get me wrong; I've found lots of useful information through those publications, just not, in most cases, what I mentioned above.) I completely understand that a matrix of such information would likely require several footnotes and assumptions--e.g., the same spray applied at one point in the season, or for one purpose, might have different derivative effects than in another setting. Nevertheless, I'm hoping something like that exists. Does it, and I'm just to dense to have found it? If not, how does one get this sort of information? This seems like fairly important stuff one would need to know before feeling comfortable using a spray. Thanks so much for any pointers or information you may be able to provide

Benton County Oregon

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There is certainly a lot of information out there - however, I think the best resource for you is the National Pesticide Information Center

They have a hotline to call and they have staff that can talk at length about all of your questions.