Lawn Moles

Asked April 25, 2017, 4:18 PM EDT

Is there any method other than traps or harmful solutions to pets for ridding of lawn moles? Are the sonic spikes effective?

Prince George's County Maryland moles lawn

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Vibrational devices, mole plants, poison baits or home remedies have not been proven effective in controlling moles. Repellents have a limited success rate.
The application of lawn insecticides to kill grubs is no longer recommended for mole control. Moles feed on other available food sources such as earthworms, making grub control ineffective.

There are no easy solutions when it comes to mole control. Moles feed on a variety of soil insects like earthworms and grubs. They are more a nuisance in the spring and fall when soil moisture levels are higher and prey are closer to the surface of the soil.

Moles usually move on when their food supply and habitat changes. It is best to live with them if possible. Tamp down raised tunnels with your foot whenever they appear and the ground is not soggy. Some reseeding may be required. As a last resort you can use a lethal trap to control moles. For more information see publication on Nuisance Wildlife for information on moles