Spring Lawn Issue

Asked April 25, 2017, 2:57 PM EDT

Good Day, the last 2 Springs my lawn looks terrible in the spring. It used to be thick and healthy. Last year I treated it with grub control and fungicide. It rebounded but took until early summer to look good. This spring it's the same issue. Large dead areas, thinning... this is in our front and back yards. we have pets but these areas are not pictured (see attached). I've detached the lawn the last 2 years as well. I haven't noted a lot of Grub activity when I pull back the sod. I appreciate the help. If you cannot pin point the issue do you know who in the area can come out to diagnose and help fix this? Thank you!

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From the pictures and your description, your lawn may be suffering from a patch disease.

According to our Extension publication Turf Patch Diseases, these diseases are caused by various fungi that inhabit soil and "favored by wet conditions in the spring and fall. The fungi are believed to be widespread in our soils and highly dependent on temperature and moisture conditions.... Wet periods followed by warm dry conditions can bring on severe symptoms. Infected plants often die during even slight dry periods as they have no root systems to support them."

Conditions that exacerbate patch diseases include:

- Excessive soil compaction will make patch disease worse. Core aerating your lawn will lessen compaction and improve the growing conditions. Note aerating in spring may increase weeds, but you may need to do this now to relieve the patch diseases.
- Avoid nitrogen application in spring and during hot weather.
- Short grass blades - set your mower higher

You can read more details in the above publication. Feel free to reply with additional questions.